Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Paleo?

Although I will from time to time eat some grain (rice only), my eating style tends to be purely paleo or primal.  What is this, exactly?  The answer varies from person to person and the rigidity or laxness varies from person to person also.

I have learned the hard way that rigidity doesn't work for me. Heck, it doesn't work for most people.  For me, paleo means fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, natural fats, and no processed foods. Never. Ever. I also don't subscribe to protein shakes, meal replacement bars, or supplements. If I need protein, I'll eat it. If I need a meal, I'll prepare it.  If I need a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient, I'll eat the foods that contain it.

I want no part of powders and pills.  However, I don't and won't criticize or condemn those that feel they need to use these things as we are not all blessed to live where I do and have access to such a wide variety of healthy foods that are not spoiled by pesticides and chemical fertilizers or  priced so high that I can't afford them. Almost everything is in season all year 'round and many of the so-called super foods like quinoa (seed), amaranth (seed), and maca (root), are native to this region and cost almost nothing.  I know this is not the case in most of the world, so if you don't have the access or finances or even if you just like shakes and meal replacements/shakes, fine. You'll get no quarrel from me.

The best part of a paleo diet is the lack of hunger and the wide variety of foods at our disposal.  It can be as low carb as you want or need it to be without having to sacrifice anything--except those pesky grains. Once you get past your wheat addiction (I do specify wheat here because it is the ONLY grain that has scientifically proven physically addictive properties), cravings for things like bread, cookies, and other grain-based foods pretty much disappear and you can, if you choose, have a gluten free treat once in a while without problems or triggering your addiction.  For me, I have gained freedom from the shackles of the high carb food addiction and that helps me to keep my weight and health in good order.

It is a healthy way to eat even though there are those in the Establishment that would say otherwise.  Of course I've never been one to care much what the Establishment has to say because every other day they publish a new study that contradicts the one from the day before and it just gives me a headache to keep up.  I also found out from personal experience just how wrong they are.

Tomorrow I'll go into how easy it is to prepare delicious and nutritious paleo meals.

Until then.

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