Monday, April 8, 2013

Leptin Reset: Was it right for me?

I guess I didn’t need to do a leptin reset after all, but short of getting a ton of expensive tests that would merely indicate the possibility of leptin resistance, I really just had to wing it.  Dr. Kruse recommended not doing the reset if you didn’t need it, but I could never find out why you shouldn’t.  I guess I now know: you’ll feel worse.  Yes, I’m willing to experiment on myself to prove/disprove certain theories.  I’m also willing to conduct experiments to find out “why.”  Of course, that’s why I received a grade of ‘D’ one quarter in high school—our teacher would say “don’t do...” but wouldn’t say why. I would always find out why. So, failure to listen to directions cost me what would have otherwise been a perfect grade. This same failure also made me a good scientist and analyst. But, I digress.
            One thing you must all keep in mind, though: there are no tests that can prove leptin resistance. Leptin resistance isn’t even a recognized medical condition.  Does that mean Dr. Kruse is wrong?  Absolutely not.  After all, the medical establishment would have us believe that red meat and cholesterol kills, and whole grains heal;  most of us have long since figured out that that is not the case. In fact, most of us have found the opposite to be true.  What the myriad tests that Dr. Kruse recommends merely point to the possibility of leptin resistance, and he has found a way to counter this.
            The most ironic thing, at least from my perspective, about my own experience with the leptin reset protocol was that I wasn’t eating different foods than I had been previously—only different quantities at different times of the day.  My symptoms were very much like the so-called carb flu.  The low-carb and Paleo communities have coined this term to show that a person is experiencing flu-like symptoms when they go very low-carb after a lifetime of eating the standard American diet (SAD).  Your body will go through withdrawals for a few days to a week, and then the healing begins and the person starts to feel better.  I went through it myself, so I know the symptoms and I know how long those symptoms last.  I never had the horrible sweating, though.  I also never experienced joint pain.  In fact, the joint pain was the first thing to go when I’d leave grains behind, and that usually happened by the third day. On the leptin reset, by day 6 I felt nearly crippled with the pain.  Not good.
            So, to reitterate, the only thing I did differently on the leptin reset protocol was eat more fat/protein in the morning, and less in the afternoon.  I also consumed fewer carbs each day and consumed them later in the day than I normally would have.  I guess this really upset my body’s chemical balance.  I went from being an ‘eat-whenever’ person whose first meal of the day wasn’t until the afternoon, to one who was being force-fed before her eyes were barely opened.
            I cannot stress often enough that we are all different and have different dietary needs.  I believe that since all of our homones are in different states of orderliness (or dis-orderliness) that different protocols will cause different reactions.  It can be a struggle to find your body’s happy place, but that place can be found.  The key is to not give up.  What I learned from the leptin reset helped me to diagnose my own situation: I was consuming too much fruit.  I wasn’t consuming too many carbohydrates, just too many of the wrong kind, and that likely prevented my body from being a really efficient fat burner. So, what’s the next experiment? Less fruit, more non-starchy vegetables, and increase the weight training.
            In the meantime, if you feel you may be leptin resistant, try the leptin reset—especially if you are switching from SAD—and see how it goes.  Should you do the tests?  Hm, that’s a tough call.  I would say do them if you can afford to do them, and pay Dr. Kruse for private consultations to analyze the results.  Like I said, leptin resistance is not a recognized medical condition and your physician at home will likely not be able to help you with regards to this.  If you can’t afford the tests, or simply do not wish to subject yourself to these tests, then give it a go and see what happens.  It won’t hurt you, and it could very well help you.  Just because the results are mixed, doesn’t mean the science is necessarily bad; it just means the science needs more refinement.
            Until next time.


  1. Have you read The Iodine Crisis, by Lynn Farrow? Your mention of pain brought it to mind because she speaks of pains involved in our body ridding itself of toxins ... IF we don't do a salt flush. I started doing flushes when I get my painful episodes and it r we ally seems to help. Of you we, I have been increasing my eating of offal this past 2 months as well ... So don't know positively if it's th for she's or the offal that are helping the most with my pain issues ... or is it my now DAILY intake of iodine rather than my old monthly dosing? Are you posting anywhere on consistency? :)

  2. Also, there is a Kruse "post reset" Rx, basically reversing the order of protein and carb intake and exercise times ... to get to optimal body comp for those who don't require the Leptinin reset. Wondering if you will be trying that as well.

  3. No, I have not read that. I wonder about the salt flush, though, if it's really necessary or even in many cases, advisable. When a person does extremely low carb, they already lose copious amounts of salt such that it becomes necessary to actively replace it, otherwise you can get into great big trouble--especially coronary--if you don't.

    Also, one of the other areas I'll be diving into, probably ad nauseum,is consistency. Or are you asking about my lack of consistency when it comes to posting? :D

    I've come to find that most of all of my problems with respect to body composition and energy have been cured by attaining and maintaining a ketogenic state. Most of the aches and pains are gone, and though I haven't been losing weight (which is good), I have noticed a reduction in overall body fat and a definite leanness, which is what I have wanted all along.

    Good questions and good input. Thanks!

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